XTU S3 Action Camera Review


Great video quality.

Records at 4K.

Lots of features.

Built-in EIS.

Can be used as a dashcam.


There are other cameras, like this action camera (Amazon link) that offer slightly better video quality.

Quality at 1080P is better than at 4K.

XTU S3 alternative
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Better Alternative

In the past, GoPro cameras dominated the market. They were expensive, and if you wanted a good action camera- you really didn’t have too many alternatives and other cameras to choose from. Nowdays, the situtation is competely different. Many small companies produce and offer affordable action cameras with great video quality and features. One of these cameras is XTU S3. It is pretty popular, but is it really worth buying? Here is my XTU S3 review :

Video Quality

The XTU action camera (model S3) records 4K at 30fps. The video quality is excellent – clear and sharp. If you want even better video quality – you can always change the settings and record at 1080P. Then, you will get higher FPS (frames per second) rate, and the videos will look smoother and even sharper.

XTU S3 Action Camera
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The included 1350mAh battery should last you anywhere between 60 and 120 minutes – depending on the video quality and other factors. Unfortunately, the XTU S3 action camera comes only with one battery. Many action cameras in this price category come with 2 batteries included. But I guess that it’s not too big of a problem since you can try and buy a spare battery online (if needed). The battery supports external power supply while charging and recording.


The XTU action camera has built-in Electronic Image Stabilization system with 6-axis gyroscope. It really improves the overall smoothness and quality of the videos you record (as well as photos).

XTU S3 review

Other Features

The XTU action camera offers different features. One of them is dashcam mode. You can actually mount this action camera in your car and use it as a dashboard recorder. Another cool option is using it for time lapse, loop recording and slow motion. The camera has many features and settings you can change and play with.


In order to connect the XTU action camera to your smartphone (it has built-in WIFI), you need to download the XTU GO app. It is available on Android phones, as well as iPhones. Using the app you can preview, download, play, and even directly share photos and videos from your camera. The app is very easy to use and the pairing process with your camera is quick and easy. Sure, it’s not as good as GoPro’s app, but still – it’s pretty good.

To sum up, if you are looking for a high quality action camera with great video quality and many useful features – definitely consider buying XTU S3. It offers great value for your money, and I am sure that in the future this device will become even more popular.

I hope you found my XTU S3 review helpful. If you have questions about this device – comment below. Make sure to check out other interesting articles and reviews on our website.

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