Vinci Express Cold Brew Review


Makes really good tasting coffee.

Takes less than 20 minutes to make full strength cold brew coffee.

Easy to use.

Compact size.

Circle flow brewing technology.


Devices like this cold brew coffee maker (Amazon link) offer better performance. 

  The water must be at room tempeture. 

Better Alternative 

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The Vinci Express cold brew electric coffee maker is very popular. Thousands of people use it, and it receives good reviews and ratings online. I will review it today as well and tell you is it really worth buying. I will also mention the pros and cons of this product.

Making cold bew coffee at home usually takes many hours. But with the Vinci Express cold brew coffee maker – it can be done in less than 20 minutes. The way it works is cold brewing using an electric brewing mechanism. Vinci calls this the “Circle Flow Brewing Technology”.

Vinci Express Cold Brew

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

In order to make cold brew coffee – you have to prepare the drink without heat. When the coffee grounds are not exposed to very high temperatures – it tastes better. You can definitely taste the difference. You taste more flavors and the coffee itself is less bitter (compared to hot coffee). The prepared cold brew coffee can be served at any tempeture : hot, cold or ice cold. If you have never tasted cold brew coffee better – you must try it at least once. Most people can taste the difference immediately. 

How Does It Work?

So how does the Vinci Express coffee maker work? First, you add coffee to the included filter – 7 to 8 scoops. Choose your favorite medium grind coffee blend. Then, attach the filter to the control lid.

Vinci Express Cold Brew Electric Coffee Maker

Add clean room temperature water and attach the control lid to the carafe and plugin. At this point all that is left is to choose the desired brew strength, and in less than 20 minutes you will enjoy a fully extracted cold brew coffee.

The device is very simple to operate and clean. Use it daily and enjoy delicious coffee in no time !

Brew Strengths

There are 4 coffee brew strengths to choose from. Light brew (takes 5 minutes), medium brew (10 minutes), Bold (15 minutes) and Extra bold (takes 25 minutes). I personally like extra bold brews, but it’s always great to have many options to choose and offer your guests.

I hope you found this Vinci Express cold brew coffee maker review useful. If you have any questions about this device – feel free to comment below. Make sure to also check out other coffee maker reviews on our website, we hope you will find them useful as well. Finding the best coffee maker is not an easy task, and here at 5Pros5Cons we help you with that task !

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  1. Can you run it a second time and use that coffee to make ice cubes. I have been doing this and this is the third pump I havve gone through. great company, they havve replaced all three free of charge, but 3 since March 2022.


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