Victure AC700 Review


Great video quality.

An external microphone is included – improves sound quality.

Good build quality.

Built-in WIFI connects to your smartphone.

Good value for the money.


In my opinion, other cameras, like this action camera (Amazon link) for example – offer a little bit better video quality.

Some people may not like the smartphone app that connects to the camera.

Better Alternative

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If you searched for an action camera online, then you must already know there are many of them to choose from. In the past, GoPro really dominated the market, but nowadays, many small companies offer great action cameras for very affordable prices.  One of these cameras is Victure AC700. Here’s my Govic Victure AC700 review – let’s find out if it’s really worth buying or not.

Video Quality

The Govic Victure AC700 action camera offers great video quality. It records at 4K (30fps), but in my opinion – it’s better to change the settings and choose 1080P resolution instead. The video quality will be even better, and the videos will look smoother and sharper. You can also choose 2K resolution, but again – in my opinion, the video quality at 1080P is superior. And let’s be honest here – most people don’t really need 4K rcording resolution to start with.

Victure AC700 review
Victure AC700
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Sure, there are action cameras with better video quality – but in most cases, their price is much higher. Ask yourself if you really need a professional action camera. If you just need a good camera with excellent video quality – for an affordable price, Victure AC700 is a good choice.  I recommend using a 32GB, at least class 10 –  MicroSD card. Buy from a well known brand like Kingston or Sony. The prices are pretty low.

Waterproof Case

Victure AC700 comes with a waterproof camera case included. After installing it (very simple and easy) – the camera becomes waterproof up to depths of 130ft (40 meters). Take the camera with you to the pool and record amazing videos. It’s great that such an affordable action camera comes with such a case included in the price.


Victure AC700 has built-in WIFI. This allows you to connect the camera to your smartphone via the app (IOS version or Android Version). Then, you can share your videos easily to social networks. The camera also comes with a 2.4G wireless remote which is very useful. Many choose to use this remote instead of an app. The app itself is very easy to use, and works well.

Victure AC700

External Microhpone

Victure AC700 comes with an external microphone, which is plugged directly into the camera. The microphone will improve the sound quality dramatically. Again, it’s amazing that such an affordable action camera even comes with an external microphone included (and has a direct connection to it).

Overall, Victure AC700 is a great action camera that offers great value for your money. The video quality is great, the sound quality is good as well (thanks to the external microphone). The camera is well built and even has built-in WIFI. Definitely worth buying.

I hope you found this Victure AC700 review helpful. If you have any questions about this action camera – feel free to comment below. Check out other action camera reviews on our website.

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