Very affordable price and great value for money.

Records in 1080P and up to 30FPS (frames per second).

Wide angle lens.

Comes with different mounting accessories – very useful.

A waterproof case is included.


 If you are willing to spend a bit more, other action cameras (Amazon link) offer significantly better video quality.

Microphone quality is good enough, but far from excellent.

Build quality is reasonable for the price but you can tell it’s not made from premium materials. 

Better Alternative 

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Vemont Action Camera – The Device

The Vemont sports camera is one of the most affordable action cameras you can find online. Few10 years ago, if you told anyone that in just a few years – one would be able to buy a 1080P action camera for this cheap – no one would believe. I will review the vemont action camera and tell you the real pros and cons of it.  In the end you will discover – is it really worth buying?

Video Quality

The Vemont action camera records videos in 1080P (full HD). The video quality is good. Obviously, it can’t be compared to other action cameras that cost 2 or 3 times as much, but for the price – it’s excellent. If you are looking for an affordable action camera and don’t need superb video quality – the Vemont action camera will be more than enough. 

Vemont Action Camera 1080P

It also has a wide angle lens and supports recording at up to 30fps (frames per  second). Other action cameras even support 60FPS, but again – their price is compeltely different. If you don’t plan on recording every day, or for important events – 30fps will be enough. The higher the FPS – the smoother the videos will look. Slow motion cameras record at even much higher FPS.

Display & Battery

The 2″ display is pretty good. It’s not very clear in direct sunlight, but you can’t expect a sueprb screen from an action camera this cheap. Other devices may come with a bigger screen (some even offering dual screens) – but in my opinion, 2″ screen is more than enough. 

The included battery is 900mah, providing 30-90 minutes of recording time (depending on the video quality and other factors). It’s removble and can be replaced if needed. Charging time is a few hours. But spare batteries online if you need them – the price is fairly affordable as well. 

Waterproof Case & Accessories 

In order to use this action camera underwater – you have to install the included special waterproof case. It’s very easy to install, and the quality of the case is good. It’s important to make sure it’s sealed well and correctly before going anywhere near water – the camera itself, without the case – is not waterproof. 

The Vemont action camera 1080P also comes with different mounting accessories, allowing you to mount it on helmets, surfboards and more.


The Vemont camera is a great sports camera for those who have a limited budget and want an affordable action camera with good enough video quality. It can’t be compared with cameras that cost twice or 3 times as much, but for the price – it’s great. It’s no wonder it receives so many great reviews online. 


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