Sidiwen T95 Android Box Review


Very affordable price and great value for your money.

4GB of RAM – no lags or freezing. 

Android 10.0 version installed.

2.4G/5G Dual WiFi – better speeds.


In my opinion, there are some Android boxes (Amazon link) that offer better video quality and overall experience.

Chinese chipset and hardware.

The remote control is not very advanced, but you can buy a different one and connect it via USB.

Better Alternative 

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Sidiwen T95 – Is It Worth Buying?

Online you can find hundreds of different Android TV boxes. Some of them are cheap, while others cost hundreds of dollars. One very popular model, which is sold for a very affordable price – is the Sidiwen T95 Android box. It received many great reviews online, and today I will review it as well and tell you if it’s really worth buying or not. 

Sidiwen T95 Android Box Review


When buying an Android TV box, it’s very important to make sure its hardware is good. There is nothing worse than an Android box that lags and works slowly. You want things to open and load blazing fast. Sidiwen Android box uses the ALLINNER H616 Chipset. The processor is fast and the graphic rendering is decent. Combined with the improved Android 10.0 operating system – you get a pretty fast device. Forget about lags or waiting times.

Sidiwen T95 offers 4GB of RAM. That’s quite a lot. This will allow you to open multiple apps at once, and the box itself will work much faster and be more stable. You can watch movies smoothly without buffering and freezing.  I don’t recommend buying Android boxes with less than 4GB of RAM, in my opinion, it’s just a  waste of money. Many apps nowadays require lots of system RAM, especially games. 


Sidiwen T95 supports MicroSD cards up to 64GB. I recommend buying one from a well-known brand like Sandisk. On the MicroSD card, you can put your video and music files, as well as eBooks. Some Android boxes support MicroSD cards up to 256GB, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. These days, you can get many GBs of cloud storage for free. In most cases, devices that support such large MicroSD capacity cards – are much more expensive.

Sidiwen T95 Android Box

Ease of Use

This Android TV box is very easy to use. Connect it to power, then connect your TV to it via the HDMI cable and that’s it. The operating system is Android, and it’s as easy to use this tv box as your phone. There are hundreds of different Android apps you can install on it.  The Android version that is installed on the device is 10.0. There are many new apps that the older versions don’t support. 

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