RICOH WG-6 Review


Great video quality.

Build quality is excellent – very rigid. Built to last.

Digital microscope mode.

Good quality sensor (excellent video and photo quality).


Other cameras, like this underwater camera (Amazon link) offer noticeably better video quality in my opinion.


Online, you can find many waterproof cameras in different price ranges. Some of them are professional ones and cost a lot, while others are sold for very low prices. Choosing the best waterproof camera for your needs is not an easy task. Today, I will review a great waterproof camera that I think is definitely worth checking out. This is my RICOH WG-6 review.

Video and Photo Quality

The RICOH WG-6 waterproof camera offers very good video and photo quality. The company claims the camera uses a 20MP sensor, which indeed – works very well – the videos and photos are clear and sharp. Can it be compared to waterproof cameras that cost 5 times as much? Surely not. But for the price – it’s excellent.

RICOH WG-6 Black Waterproof Camera
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RICOH WG-6 offers a selection of 18 scene modes – so you can just let the camera adjust the aperture, shutter speed and other settings.  The camera also has a shake reduction feature, which improves video quality and makes them less shaky and smudged. The lens of RICOH WG-6 is surrounded by six variable controlled LEDs’s. They are powerful and work very well.

Build Quality

RICOH WG-6 is a very well-built and durable camera. It is clear it was made to last. The materials feel very strong and premium.  Many cheaper waterproof cameras are made from low quality cheap plastics, which are not very durable. But definitely not in this case !

The Company

The company that makes this camera is well known, and in fact – it made its first water resistant compact zoom camera in 1991. Since then the technology obviously really improved, and the video quality these cameras offer is completely different.

RICOH WG-6 review

Nowadays, there are many small companies that offer good waterproof cameras for low prices. But many of these companies are indeed – small, and can’t provide the after-sale services like a big and well known company.  That’s why many people prefer purchasing cameras from well known brands with history and experience.


If you are looking for a great waterproof camera with excellent photo and video quality – look no further. RICOH WG-6 offers great value for your money. Surely there are cameras with better video quality, but they cost much more. I definitely recommend checking out this camera and considering buying it. It’s great for those who want a semi-professional waterproof camera, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

I hope you will find this RICOH WG-6 review helpful. If you have any questions regarding this waterproof camera – feel free to comment below. Make sure to check out other interesting articles and reviews on our website.

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