Review XP C600 Review


Excellent video quality, especially at 1080P.

Comes with many accessories.

Car mode is available.

1050mAh Li-ion Battery.

Excellent price.


In my opinion, other cameras like this action camera (Amazon link) offer better value for your money.

Microphone quality is fairly good, but not excellent.

Better Alternative 

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Nowadays, you can find online so many different action cameras. Some of them are professional (for example – the well known GoPro action cameras), and some are made from amateur users. Not all people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional action camera. There are many companies now that make affordable action cameras anyone can buy ! Today I will review one of these cameras – the Review XP C600 4K action camera.

Video Quality

The Review XP C600 action camera uses a 12MP sensor, shooting 4K at 28fps. You can also use lower resolution – for example, 2.7K at 30fps or Full HD (1080P) at 60FPS. The higher the FPS, the smoother the video will be. If you buy this action camera, I recommend choosing the 1080P setting instead of 4K. This way, the videos will be smoother and the quality will be better overall. Video quality is excellent for the price. Sure, you can find action cameras that offer better video quality – but their prices are different.

Review XP C600 4K Action Camera

Review XP C600 also offers loop and time laps recording. It has motion detection and special effects. It is very clear that this action camera offers a lot of features for a very affordable price.


Review XP C600 comes with a powerful 1050mah battery that provides 50-90 minutes of recording time (depending on the video resolution chosen and other factors). In my opinion, the company should have included two batteries, like many other companies do now. But for most people – I think one battery will be enough. Charging time is fairly long.

Driving Mode

You can use this camera as a “car cam” by connecting it to the 12 volt power supply. When the car is turned on, the camera will turn on as well automatically and record. I think this is a very cool option that can save you money.


This action camera comes with many different accessories, and most importantly – many different amounts that you can use to attach the camera. The quality of these mounts is very good. With some of the most expensive action cameras – you have to buy mounts seperetly – and they are not cheap. Here, everything is already included. The camera is currently available in 2 colors: black and silver. I like the black version better.

Review XP C600 accessories

I hope you found this Review XP C600 review helpful. If you have any questions about this action camera, comment below. Also, make sure to check out other helpful action camera reviews on our website. We compare and review the latest action cameras in the market.

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