Pros of Android TV vs Smart TV

In the last few years, Android TV boxes have become very popular, as well as smart TVs that come pre-installed with Android (or other operating systems). Many people wonder if they should buy a “smart TV” or a regular TV and upgrade it with a separately bought Android TV Box. Today I will tell you more about this, so you can decide for yourself which option is better for your needs. 

Operating System

While many smart TVs nowadays come with Android as the operating system, some come with different operating systems (for example – Samsung’s old smart TV’s with Samsung’s own operating system). The difference is huge: Android has millions of apps that you can download and install, but these generic operating systems – don’t. So make sure that the Smart TV that you are buying indeed runs Android. If it doesn’t – don’t buy it. It’s better to buy a regular standard TV and upgrade it with a basic Android TV Box.

Android 10 TV Box, Allwinner H616


In most cases, a Smart TV with a powerful CPU isn’t cheap. You can save money by buying a non-smart TV, and then connecting it to an Android TV box bought later. These boxes nowadays are sold at very affordable prices. In fact, nowadays – you can buy a good Android TV box for as little as $50. 


Not all smart TVs come with a powerful processor. You may experience lags and slow speeds. On the other hand, when you buy an Android TV box – you can choose one with a good CPU and GPU. Some Android TV boxes are as powerful and fast as gaming computers (but of course, they are not cheap).

When buying a smart TV or an Android TV box – check out the CPU and GPU – is it powerful enough? compare online with other models and see if some in the same price category – offer better specs. 

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