Pros and Cons of Spotify

Spotify is an audio and media streaming service founded in Sweden in 2006. As of today, it is the world’s largest music streaming service – with almost 400 million active users, of which many are paying subscribers.

Spotify has become popular because of the huge selection of songs it offers, in addition to hundreds of playlists. The user can choose a playlist like “workout”, and hear music related to it. Users can also create their own playlists.

Spotify is offered for free, but if you want to avoid the ads and be able to change songs anytime – you have to pay. In my opinion – it’s definitely worth the money, but you should also check out other alternatives like Apple Music.

Pro: Ease of Use

All you need to do to get started with Spotify is to create a free account. The app itself can be downloaded to any iPhone or Android device. Spotify is very easy to use and the user interface is great. Over the years, they really improved it and made things much simpler.

Pro: Music Sharing

By connecting your Spotify account to your Facebook, your friends and family can see what you are listening to. You can also easily share playlists and songs.

Pro: Multiple devices

A big advantage of spotify is its device compatibility. It’s available everywhere: browser, Windows, iOS, Linux, PS4, Android and more platforms. You can sign into your account from multiple devices and enjoy your favorite music.

Con: Audio Quality

If you don’t pay for the service – you will be provided with music at a 160kbps rate. Which means not very good sound quality.Premium users enjoy 320kbps music streaming. Some people who like HI-FI loseless music, will find even that not good enough of quality.

Con: Country Availability

Many countries are still not supported by Spotify. Some users use VPN services to still access the service – but most people won’t go to these lengths.

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