Android – Is It The Perfect Operating System?

Android is a very popular and well known mobile operating system. It is based on a modified version of Linux (as well as other open source software). It was primarily designed for touch screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Later on, versions for smart watches and smart TV came out as well. Android was unveiled in 2007 and the first smartphone to run it was HTC Dream (lancuhed in 2008). Since then, Android changed quite a bit – becoming a very smart, fast and leading the market.

android phone

Most people know the Android operating system from smartphones, but it is also embedded in most TV boxes nowdays. Some TV manufacturers offer “Smart TVs” running Android. It’s a custom version, and in most cases the “Android TV” version of Android. But even if your TV doesn’t have built-in Android, you can make it a “smart TV”. Few years ago, a new category of products – called “Android TV boxes” appeared. The best way to describe them was – “a smartphone” that you connect to your TV. Nowdays, these Android TV boxes are very popular – in fact, tens of thousands of units are sold daily. On 5Pros5Cons you can find many reviews of popular Android TV boxes.

So what are the pros and cons of the Android operating system? Here are a few :

Open Source

Android is an open source software. That means, you can download it to your computer for free, and modify it. That allows small manfuctres to use it in their smartphones, smart watches, TV boxes etc. They can change and customize it and provide a good product for a very low price. On the other hand, because this operating system is open source – it may become less secure. For example – Android allows you to install APK files (apps) from third part sources. If this file was infected with a virus – that’s bad news. Hackers may use this to hack your phone.

Ease of Use

Some people claim Android is easier to use than iOS (iPhones and other devices by Apple), whie others claim the oposite. In my opinion – Android is not a hard operating system to understand, but iOS is easier. For senior people – in my opinion, in most cases-  iOS is better.

android operating system

Selection of Devices

The iOS operting system can be used only by Apple. So the amount of devices you can choose from is limited. On the other hand, any company can use the Android operating system in their devices. So, there are thousands of devices to choose from. 

Samsung is one of the best selling Android smartphone companies. They have few lines of smartphones, all running the Android operating system. In the last 5 years, many chinese companies started making and selling Android smartphones for very affordable prices – sometimes 2 or 3 times cheaper than the Samsung smartphones ! Many of these new cheap devices have a great camera, big screen and great CPU and GPU. That’s why so many people choose them instead of brand-name expensive smartphones. 

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