POOKIN Electric Cold Brew Review


Much faster than traditional cold brew coffee making.

LCD screen.

Works really well, makes delicious cold brew coffee.

Easy to use.

Easy to clean.


I personally like other coffee makers, like this cold brew coffee maker (Amazon link) more.

Online you can find many different kinds of cold brew coffee makers. Some of them use advanced technology and cost accordingly, while others are sold for affordable prices.  Today I will review a very interesting coffee maker – the POOKIN electric cold brew coffee maker. Let’s see if it’s really worth buying and what features and options it offers.

The Process

POOKING claims to use special cold brewing technology. I don’t think there are too many ways to make cold brew coffee, and in my opinion – all coffee machines work almost the same. But still- the POOKING cold brew maker works really well! It utilizes negative pressure dynamics, combined with acceleration.  That makes the cold brew coffee making the process fast and effective. The taste is amazing of course. Cold brew coffee is very different from regular coffee – the taste is richer and less sour.  Of course you need to use high quality coffee.

POOKIN Coffee Maker
POOKIN Coffee Maker
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Cold brewed coffee was always popular, but in the last few years – became a real hit ! Once you taste iced cold brew coffee once – it’s hard to go back. Sure, it does take more time to make compared to traditional coffee – but the wait is worth it. Rich and deep coffee taste that can only be archived using this method.


The POOKIN coffee maker offers different brewing strengths for iced coffee: Mild (15 minutes), Medium (30 minutes) and Bold (45 minutes). There is also a custom mode where you can customize the brewing time. While traditional cold brew coffee can take up to 24 hours to be ready, POOKING is super fast!

LCD Panel

POOKIN 2021 iced coffee features an LCD screen. Using it you can control everything and customize the brewing time and mode. The screen is very useful and really upgrades this product.  The great thing about the POOKIN coffee maker is that you can use it even when you are not at home. A portable USB cable is included in the package. Connect it  (even to a powerbank) and use it anywhere!

Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker - POOKIN

Washing and Cleaning

The POOKIN coffee maker is very easy to clean. All accessories are BPA-free and you can wash them in the dishwasher (except the main machine which can’t !). Two different bottle lids are included: one is used to cover the lid (for stroring in the refrigerator). The second is for protecting the machine.

Without any doubt, the POOKIN iced coffee maker is a great device that works really well and makes delicous cold brew coffee. I definitely recommend buying it. I hope you found this POOKIN electric cold brew coffee maker review helpful. If you have any questions about it – feel free to comment below.

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