Ordro EP7 4K Camera Review : Pros & Cons


Very high build quality. Feels like a premium device.

The video quality is absolutely excellent. 4K video recording.

Supports high-speed microSDXC cards and high capacity.

Uses Sony’s CMOS sensor and has built-in HDR function.

Good customer support.


There are cheaper action cameras (Amazon link) that offer almost the same video quality.

Some users may find the “headband” wearing design uncomfortable or limiting. 

Not ideal for fast motion.

Ordro EP7 4K Head Wearable Camcorder Review

Ordro EP7 is a pretty unique sports camera. It’s head wearable and offers great 4K video recording quality. Today I will tell you more about this camcorder and tell you if it’s worth buying. I will also mention other action cameras in this price range worth checking out.

Ordro EP7 Video Quality

The Ordro EP7 camera is equipped with Sony’s 13MP CMOS sensor. Using it, it can achieve 4K video output and supports 60fps (frames per second) video recording. Many sports cameras in the market use generic video sensors, but not in this case. Ordro chose to use a branded sensor from a well-known sensor manufacturer. This guarantees great video quality and durability. It supports microSDXC cards with up to 100MB/s transfer speeds. This is very important for recording 4K videos. If you are buying a 4K camera, make sure it supports high-speed MicroSD cards, and buy a good MicroSD card from a well-known brand.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this camera is head-mounted. If you want to record “first-person perspective” videos – that’s perfect. Much more comfortable than using a GoPro and attaching it to a helmet for example. Some people may find the design less comfortable than a standard action camera (like GoPro or AKASO), but for others – it will be just perfect for their needs. Check out the design of the AKASO action camera (Amazon link) and decide which one suits your needs better.

The build quality of this device is excellent. Very high-quality materials and it feels very durable and premium in your hands.  The headband is also very comfortable and made from long-lasting, premium materials. When you hold this device in your hands, it’s clear that it’s a premium device made to last.

WIFI and App

 The Ordro EP7 camera has built-in WIFI connection. This function works very well, and you can easily connect it to your smartphone. All you have to do is download the Ordro app to your Android or iOS device. The app is very easy to use and works flawlessly. Easily add videos and share them on social media.

The WIFI function is very useful and the connection is stable, the range is good as well. 

Ordro EP7 Stabilizer

This camera is equipped with 2-axis stabilizer. It works really well. The videos look really nice and not shakey. Some cameras in this price range offer digital stabilization. Here you get a 2-axis stabilizer. which is superior. 


The 1000mah battery is very durable and supports video recording while being charged (so you can use a power bank and never worry about power failure). Some action cameras offer better and higher capacity batteries – but they are not as compact as the Ordro EP7.

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