OBSBOT Tiny Review


Excellent video quality.

Gesture control works very well.

Easy to use.

The software is good.

The price is excellent.


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Some users report incompatibility with Mac OS.

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If you are looking for a good PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) webcam, and searched for one online – you surely noticed there are many of them to choose from. Some are professional ones (and will be mostly used by businesses), and some are for home users (and are more affordable). Today, I will review a fairly affordable PTZ webcam. Here is my OBSBOT Tiny review –

Video Quality

OBSBOT Tiny offers great video quality – Full HD (1080P) at 30 fps (frames per second). If you stream online and want your audience to enjoy a clear and smooth video – OBSBOT Tiny is a good choice. So what makes this webcam so special? The use of deep learning neural networks (or just – AI). It tracks and auto frames, and also supports gesture control. OBSBOT Tiny uses Type-C connection (USB) for stable and efficient video transfer. The device also supports H.264 with scalable video coding encoding. This minimizes the dependence on the computer and network resources.

OBSBOT Tiny review
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The company provides you with computer software, and using it you can do basic control of the camera – for example – adjusting the rotation of the gimbel, selecting a target to follow (or unlocking the following), zoom in and out, and more.

A cool feature OBSBOT Tiny offers is gesture control. You can select or unselect a target to follow, as well as control the zoom – with simple gestures. This is a very useful feature that without any doubt – makes this webcam special. These features are very useful when you use Skype, Zoom and other programs. This webcam works really well with all these programs and many more.

OBSBOT Tiny gesture control

The OBSBOT Tiny is pretty easy to set up and configure. It indeed offers many options and features, but they are all easy to understand and use.

To sum up, in my opinion – the OBSBOT Tiny is a great webcam that offers good value for your money. It has many features and the gesture control works very well (and is very useful). The video quality is excellent – it records in 1080P (Full HD) and the videos are smooth and clear, even in low light settings. Without a doubt, this PTZ camera is fefiently worth buying. It’s smart, works well, and the price is great. Sure, there are better PTZ cameras to be found online, but in most cases – they are more expensive. Some of them even cost 5 times as much. If you need a good and affordable PTZ camera – look no further.

I hope you will find this OBSBOT Tiny review helpful. If you have any questions about this webcam, feel free to comment below. Make sure to check out other webcam reviews on our website.

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