Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review


Works well – produces great coffee.

Very affordable price.

Easy to clean.

Saving you a lot of money, compared to pre-made iced coffee.

Quickly cools hot coffee over ice


There are other cold brew electric coffee makers that work faster and better (in my opinion). Like this coffee maker (Amazon link). Just add ice to the cold brew coffee (choose the extra bold brew option).

  Some people claim the product is too expensive for what it offers.

Better Alternative

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Online there are many different iced coffee makers. Some of them cost a lot of money, while others are very affordable. Today I will review an affordable iced coffee maker made by a company named “Mr. Coffee”. It receives great reviews online, and today I will tell you if it’s really worth buying or not. On this page you can also find some other alternatives and the pros and cons of this device.

Iced Coffee Without Waiting

Cooling coffee in the refrigerator takes a long time. Moreover, the coffee may start changing its flavors and even oxidize. With this device, you can prepare iced coffee in less than 5 minutes. The Mr coffee iced coffee maker is great for the kitchen, and especially useful when guests come over. I mean, who doesn’t like delicious iced coffee ! If you are looking for a cold brew coffee maker that¬† works even faster and in my opinion – works better – check out this coffee maker (Amazon link). Just add ice cubes to the full strength cold brew coffee.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee review

No More Watered Down Coffee

Adding ice cubes to your coffee waters down the coffee flavors. By using an iced coffee maker like this one – you can control the water : coffee ratio much better. The Mr. Coffee Iced coffee maker pours hot conentrated cofee over ice – which cools down the liquid fast and creates a delicious iced coffee. You can keep the taste consistent using the very easy to use measuring scoop and tumbler markings. Try using different coffees to change the taste. Also, try adding different spices!

Saving Money

Buying pre-made iced coffee adds up quickly. It’s much cheaper to prepare iced-coffee at home. And on top of that – you can change the amount of water, the coffee type and much more. Overall, it’s clear that making iced-coffee yourself is much better.

Many people online mention how easy to use this device, and how the iced coffee it produces tastes great. In my opinion, – it’s a very interesting device that works really well. And you can save a lot of money a year using it.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee

I hope you find my Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker review helpful. On 5pros5cons you can find many other reviews of kitchen products. We hope you will find them useful.

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