MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera Review


Great video quality – clear and sharp.

15M cable.

IR lights on the camera.

Supports digital zoom.

5000mah battery.


In my opinion, other devices – like this underwater fishing camera (Amazon link) – offer better value for the money, as well as video quality.

Better Alternative

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera alternative
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In the past, fishing cameras were very expensive. But nowadays, there are some smaller companies that offer underwater fishing cameras with excellent video quality – for very affordable prices. One of these cameras is the MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera 1000TVL. Today I will tell you about it and its pros and cons. Here is my MOOCOR underwater fishing camera  review:

Video Quality

The 1000TVL fish finder camera includes 2 different parts : the camera (which is waterproof), and the LCD monitor. This underwater fishing camera is perfect for those who like sea or ice fishing. It helps you monitor the fish and discover the underwater topographic. You can even see if the fish bites the hooks or not. The video quality of the camera is excellent – sharp and clear. It’s amazing that an underwater camera in this price range offers such great video quality. The camera also has IR light and works pretty well in low-light as well.

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera review
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera
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LCD Monitor

The portable 1000TVL LCD fish monitor is clear and includes a sun visor. It also has highlight LED backlight. It can be used under the sun. The screen is 4.3″ – which is definitely big enough for that purpose. It has a 4XC digital zoom feature as well as a low battery power indicator (which is very useful).You can also use the control IR light and switch it on/off easily.


The cable wire of the MOOCOR underwater fishing camera is long and strong. Length is 15 meters (more than enough for most fisherman). Bearing tension is 40kg. The cable is durable and will last a long time.


1000TVL features a 3.7V, 5000mah battery that gives the system full run time of 7-10 hours (when fully charged). This is a powerful battery that gives you plenty of running time. You can use a standard 5V USB cable to charge the camera. You can even use a mobile power bank to power the device. These power banks are very cheap nowadays and can give you many more working hours. I recommend buying a good 10,000mah power bank from a company like Xiaomi. 

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera

The package includes the display, the camera, user’s manual, 5V charger, USB cable and 1 fin. It’s very easy to setup the device and you can start using it right away. 

To sum up, if you are looking for a reliable underwater fishing camera with excellent video quality – look no further. This system is great. The cable is long and durable,  and the LCD screen is of high quality. Without a doubt – this device is worth buying. 

I hope you find this MOOCOR underwater fishing camera review helpful. If you have any questions about this model (1000TVL) – feel free to comment below. Make sure to check out other fishing related reviews on our website.


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