LifePlus Ice Maker Review


Makes up to 70lbs of ice per 24 hours.

Powerful compressor.

Large storage bin.



In my opinion, machines like this ice maker machine (Amazon link) offer better performance.

First cycle takes 11-20 minutes.

Better Alternative

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Finding the best ice maker machine for your needs is not an easy task. There are many companies and models to choose from. There are many commercial use ice machines, some of them are super expensive, while others are affordable. Today I will review the LifePlus ice cube maker and tell you about the pros and cons of this device.

Ice Making

The LifePlus  commercial ice maker machine can produce up to 70LBS of ice cubes in 24 hours. That’s quite a lot! Most home-used cheap ice maker machines can’t even produce half of that amount. If you need an ice maker machine that produces this quantity of ice cubes – look no further. The machine can produce the first 32 pieces of clear ice cubes in 11-20 minutes. The high power compressor works really well.  The ice bin for ice storing can contain up to 10LBS of ice – that’s a lot. The fast ice making and the large ice storage bin really make this machine perfect for commercial use. It’s great for rush hours and daily use.

LifePlus Ice Maker
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Most people buy these commercial ice maker machines for their business, but many people also by them for their house. If you arrange a party with many people – an ice maker machine like the LifePlus ice maker machine will be very useful.


The Lifeplus ice cube making machine has many useful functions. You can use regular drinking water, as well as bucket water for the machine water supply. There are 3 different ice cube sizes to choose from (Small, Medium, Large) – and that’s a big advantage – many machines only offer 2 sizes. There is an automatic overflow prevention mechanism – so you really don’t have to worry about ice overflowing.  There is a good heat insulation foam layer, which keeps the temperature low inside while making ice. that saves you money and time.

LifePlus Ice Maker review

Ease of Use

This ice machine is very easy to use. The LED control panel is easy to operate. Installing the device is super easy. Connect 2 water tubes (or put the water bucket in the machine), plug in the machine to the power supply and that’s it. Cleaning the device is simple as well. 

To sum up, the LifePlus ice maker machine is perfect for those who are looking for an ice maker that produces up to 70LBS of ice every 24 hours. It works really well, and the powerful compressor is quiet and works flawlessly. It’s a great device, definitely worth buying for your business or home.

I hope you found this LifePlus ice maker review helpful. If you have questions about this ice maker, feel free to comment below. Also, check out other ice maker reviews on our website.

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  1. The drainage is a problem…… much water. How are you dealing with this as it is making a mess!?


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