KitchenUp Air Fryer Review


Works very well.

Easy to use.

Good value for your money.


In my opinion – other fryers, like this air fryer (Amazon link) – offer better value for your money.

Air fryers are very popular nowadays. People use them as a healthier alternative to cooking and frying in oil. Air fryers are also great for people on a diet who want to consume fewer calories from fat and oil. Some air fryers are very expensive, while others are sold for a very attractive price. Today, I will review a great air fryer that offers great value for your money. This is my KitchenUp Air Fryer Review: (model number AFM09B)

The Technology

the KitechenUp  HOTurbo technology swirls hot air through the air fryer efficiently, and the food is cooked through while draining excess fat. It allows you to consume up to 85% less fat than deep-fried.  That’s why these air fryers are so widely used nowadays. People want products that make their food healthier. 

KitchenUp Air Fryer Review
KitchenUp Air Fryer
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The KitchenUp AFM09B Air Fryer is very easy to set. There is a knob for a 60-minute timer and a knob for temperature control (up to 400F). When the basket is pulled out – the heating is stopped automatically, a very important feature. When you put the basket back in – the heating will continue working without you needing to reset anything.

Design and Size

The design of the KitchenUp Air Fryer (model AFM09B) is very nice. It looks stylish, and the one piece body shell makes the air cooker take up less space. The handle design makes it easier to place the cooker in any corner. 

Non Stick Coating

When buying an air fryer – it’s very important to make sure its basket has a good non-stick coating. Without it, cooking and cleaning will be really hard. The KitchenUp Air Fryer has an excellent non-stick coating. It will last a long time. Very cheap air fryers online sometimes come with bad coatings that last a short time. That’s why it’s important to buy a high quality air fryer with good coating. 

KitchenUp 3.7 Quarts Mini Air Fryer

Without a doubt, the KitchenUp Air Fryer is a great device that not only will look good in your kitchen – but also works really well. It offers great value for your money. If you want to consume less oil and fat daily, start using an air dryer like the KitchenUp Air Fryer. It’s a much healthier alternative to deep-frying in oil, so it’s no wonder so many people use air fryers nowadays. 

I hope you will find my KitchenUp Air Fryer review helpful. If you have any questions about this air fryer – feel free to comment below. Make sure to check out other kitchen related articles and product reviews on our website. 

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