HLS HCAM10 Review


Good video qualtiy at 1080P.

Good build quality.

Easy to use.

Built-in WIFI.

2 batteries are included – a big advantage.


If you want an action camera with much better video quality, check out other cameras, like this action camera (Amazon link).

Only 30fps at 4K recording.

Microphone quality is not the best.

Better Alternative

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There are so many different action cameras online, in all price ranges. If you don’t know much about them, finding the one that fits your needs the best may be pretty hard. One popular action camera that offers good value for your money is the HLS action camera. The exact model name is HLS HCAM10 . Today I will review it and tell you about the pros and cons of it.

Video Quality

The HLS HCAM10 action camera supports 4K at 30FPS and 1080P (Full HD) at 60FPS. FPS means frames per second. The higher the fps is, the smoother the video will come out. In my opinion, the HLS action camera is great for FULL HD recording (1080P), but for 4K – I wouldn’t recommend it. There are other action cameras that provide better video quality at this resolution. For example – this action camera (Amazon link).

HLS HCAM10 Review

Memory Card and Battery

HLS 4K supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB. This is a big advantage since many cameras in this price category only support 32GB cards. I recommend buying a MicroSD from a reliable company like Sandisk. For Full HD and 4K recording – but at least class 10 memory card. Nowadays, these memory cards are sold for very affordable prices.

the device comes with 2 batteries (each 1050mAh). It’s amazing that for such a low price, you get 2 batteries. The recording time is 60-90 minutes, depending on video quality and other factors.

Waterproof Case

This camera comes with a special waterproof case. After installing it, you can record cool videos in the pool etc. This case is very easy to install, and does provide good water protection.  Some action cameras can work underwater without using any case – but they are much more expensive. In my opinion, most people don’t really need a fully waterproof camera.

Wireless Connection

The HLS 4K action camera has built-in WIFI. This allows you to easily connect it to your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download the app and within seconds you can pair the devices. Save and share your photos and videos easily.

HLS action camera
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If you are looking for a reliable action camera that provides great video quality (especially if recording at 1080P) – look no further. The HLS action camera provides great value for your money. The video quality is excellent, the device works very well and the build quality is good as well. Using the included waterproof case you can record amazing videos underwater.  It also comes with 2 batteries, which is a big advantage, saving you a lot of money.

We hope you found this HLS action camera review helpful. If you have any questions about this device – feel free to comment below. Make sure to check out our other action camera reviews on this website.

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