Gnolkee 4K Action Camera Review


Comes with two 1050mah batteries – long battery life.

Very good video quality for the price.

  High-quality screen (IPS)

It’s very easy to connect the camera to your smartphone. Many different functions and options, and the app is very nice. 


If you are willing to spend a little bit more, other action cameras (Amazon link) offer much better video quality.

Only one screen – many action cameras nowadays offer dual screens, including AKASO’s camera (Amazon link).

Each battery is 1050mah. Some action cameras on the market come with 1350mah batteries. 

Audio quality is decent, but not excellent. 

Gnolkee 4K WiFi Action Camera Review

The Gnolkee 4K G44H action camera gained popularity in the last few months. It’s an affordable action camera that claims to offer great features and video quality. Today I will review this camera and see if it’s really worth buying or not. I will also tell you about other action cameras in this price range worth buying. 

Gnolkee Action Camera

Gnolkee Camera Video Quality

Gnolkee action camera (exact model is G44H) features an ultra wide-angle lens and supports 4K video recording. The video sensor is not as good as what you get from a premium action camera like this one (Amazon link), but for the price – it’s excellent. If you are looking for an action camera with decent video quality, and don’t need a professional one – Gnolkee’s camera is more than enough. In the package, you also get a waterproof case. It’s easy to install, and once it’s on – you can record videos underwater.  Take this camera with you on a vacation and record cool videos.

Wi-Fi Connection

This device has a built-in WIFI connection. That means you can easily connect it to your smartphone and control it from a distance. The WIFI connection is stable and the range is good. In the past, many action cameras in this price range came without WIFI. But in recent years – that has changed. Nowadays, even a very affordable camera like Gnolkee offers a WIFI connection.  On Youtube, you can find many videos showing how to connect different action cameras to your smartphone. The process is very simple. The company recommended using the GoPlus Cam app. It’s very good, but in my opinion – not nearly as good as GoPro’s app for example. 

Recording Resolution & Battery

This action camera supports 4K video recording, but I recommend changing the settings and recording in 1080P (full HD) instead. This will improve the overall quality and FPS (frames per second). Action cameras that offer good video quality at 4K – cost much more money. Maybe a few years from now that will change. 

Gnolkee comes with 2 1050mAh lithium batteries which offer long battery life. It’s great to have two batteries with you because there is nothing worse than your main battery dying. 

I hope you found this Gnolkee action camera review useful. If you have any questions – comment below. 

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