Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar Review


Milk frothing wand works very well.

Makes delicious coffee, well extracted.

Great design.

Durable device.

Italian pump.


In my opinion, this espresso machine model (Amazon link)  is better and more powerful. Definitely worth checking out.

Better Alternative

GEVI 5022
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In the last decade, Espresso machines have become super popular. They are compact, work really well and make absolutely delicious coffee. There are many companies and models to choose from. For the average person, choosing the best espresso machine for their needs is not an easy task at all.   Today I will tell you about a very nice espresso machine that I think is definitely worth buying or at least checking out. Here is my Gevi Espresso Machine 15 bar review. 

The Machine

This model is a semi automatic 2 in 1 classic espresso machine. It is rated at 15 bars, and uses an imported Italian pump to make great coffee. It’s fairly powerful – 1050W! It extracts coffee really well, reavling deep and intense flavors.

Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar Coffee Maker
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Gevi Espresso Machine 15 bar has precise temperature control. This is crucial for making the perfect coffee. Tempeture effects the coffee flavors (that’s why many people now even prefer drinking cold brew coffee). The machine is very easy to control. The portafilter has a double layer filter and splitter, so you can make two cups at once !

Milk Frothing Wand

The built-in milk frothing wand in the Gevi Espresso 15 machine works really well. It’s great for making cappuccino and latte. It has steam dyness control, which helps make silky and smooth milk foam.  If you drink a lot of cappuccino and latte – you won’t be dissapointed by this machine. But even if you always drink plain espresso, it’s always good to have a milk frothing wand built-in, just in case (or for guests for example).

Design and Quality

I really like the design of Gevi espresso 15 very much. The stainless steel appearance is very nice, and the device looks stylish. The build quality is excellent, the device is durable and should work well for many years. The small size is a big advantage – it will fit in any kitchen. The water tank contains 1.5L of water and is separated. 

To sum up, the Gevi Espresso Machine 15 Bar is a great coffee maker that offers great value for your money. It works really well, makes amazing coffee – and has great features. It’s compact and very durable. I definitely recommend buying this coffee maker machine. In my opinion – Gevi’s coffee machines are great and work amazingly well for their price. They also offer a 20 Bar coffee machine that I reviewed and really liked. 

I hope you found this Gevi Espresso 15 review helpful. If you have any questions about this coffee maker – feel free to comment below. 


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