Eyoyo Fishing Camera Review


Excellent video quality.

Removable sun-visor.

Big screen.

Up to 8 hours of battery time.

very nice and durable carrying case.


In my opinion, this model of fishing camera (Amazon link) is much better for most uses.

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In the past, if you wanted a good underwater fishing camera system – you had to pay a lot of money for it. But now, there are many smaller companies that offer really good underwater fishing cameras for very reasonable prices. Today I will review one of these devices – the Eyoyo portable fishing camera 1000TVL. Keep in mind – the model I am referring to is the one with the 7″ screen.

The Camera

The video quality of the Eyoyo 1000TVL fishing camera is excellent. The video is clear and sharp, and better than some other cameras in this price category. Of course it can’t be compared to professional underwater cameras that cost 5 times as much – but for the price, it’s excellent. The camera features 12 IR lights, allowing you to see the fish clearly in the dark. Again, there are cameras out there with much stronger IR night vision, but they are definitely more expensive.

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder
Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder
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Cable length

Another great thing about this model is that it comes in different cable lengths you can choose from- 15M/30M/50M. The price difference is not too big. Many other fishing cameras in the market come with only 15M of cable. Here, if needed – you can choose a sub-model with a longer length.

Screen and Battery

The great thing about Eyoyo’s fishing cameras is their big screen size. The model i am reviewing features a 7″ screen, but there are also other models (even with a 9″ screen – which is very big). The TFT screen is great – sharp and clear. The resolution is very good as well- 800*480. You probably wonder if the big screen affects the battery time. Well – the answer is no! When the battery (4500mAh) is fully charged – you get up to 8 hours of usage time.

Eyoyo fish camera

The great thing about these devices is you can always use a portable power bank to charge them and get plenty of usage time. Many companies offer portable power banks – 10,000mah or even 20,000mah for very low prices. Take one of these power banks with you and charge your Eyoyo fishing camera anywhere.


In the package you will find a TFT monitor, camera with cable and wheel, charger, battery, a carry case, one float, set of metal clip and a user manual.

To sum up, the Eyoyo 1000TVL fishing camera is a great device for fisherman. It offers great video quality, comes with a big screen, and the cable length is up to 50M (the price is different for each length option).

I hope you found this Eyoyo fishing camera review helpful. If you have any questions about this camera – feel free to comment below. Also, make sure to check out other fishing related reveiews on our website.

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