Dreamlink T3 Review


Works very well.

Supports LAN Internet connection.



Other devices offer much better performance and work faster. For example – this Android TV box (Amazon link).

Better Alternative

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Choosing the best Android TV box is not an easy task. In online stores, there are so many of them. Some come with super-fast CPUs and GPUs, while others are offered for a very low price and offer mediocre performance. Choosing the best device for your needs is surely not easy. One popular Android TV box that I will review today is the Dreamlink T3 Android TV box. Is it worth buying? Let’s find out.


The Dreamlink T3 Android TV box uses a quad-core CPU. The device is very fast and can run almost any supported Android app you can think of. You can find many cheaper devices online, but not all of them are using a CPU as fast as this one. I don’t recommend buying a weak (hardware-wise) Android TV box – there is nothing worse than a glitchy Android TV box. Dreamlink T3 also has 2 GB of RAM which is very important. This allows you to run heavy apps or multiple apps at once.

Dreamlink T3

If you want a device with more powerful hardware (including CPU), that works faster – make sure to check out this Android TV box (Amazon link). In my opinion, it’s one of the best Android TV boxes in the market today.

WIFI Connection

You can connect the Dreamlink T3 Android TV box to a WIFI network, or via LAN. If you have your router nearby, I recommend using the LAN connection. First of all, it will make the connection to the internet much more stable (compared to WIFI). Secondly, you will enjoy the maximum Internet speeds (again, compared to connecting to WIFI). For most activities (like web browsing or watching videos) – you don’t need a super-fast internet connection.

Remote Control

Dreamlink T3 comes with a very useful and easy-to-use remote. It has a built-in keyboard, as well as many useful media buttons for easy control. I came across other devices that come with a better (in my opinion) remote control, so that’s something to take into consideration as well.

Dreamlink T3 Android Dual Band 5G


If you are looking for an easy-to-use Android TV box that works well and is sold for a reasonable price – consider buying Dreamlink T3. I also recommend checking out other Android TV boxes in this price range, since some of them offer better hardware (CPU, GPU, Chipset).

I hope you found this Dreamlink T3 review useful and helpful. If you have any questions about this device or any other similar Android TV box, feel free to comment below. Make sure to also check out other reviews on our website.

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