COOAU Action Camera Review


Great video quality.

Supports and comes with an external microphone.

Many features and options like time-lapse.

Two high-capacity batteries are included.

Great value for the money. 


In my opinion, this action camera (Amazon link) is also worth checking out – it offers slightly better video quality.

Only supports MicroSD memory cards up to 64GB.

Better Alternative

COOAU  action camera alternative
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I recently came across the COOAU action camera online, and it got me interested. It is sold for a very affordable price, and claims to offer many great features. Today, I will review it and tell you about the pros and cons of this camera. If you looked for an action camera online, then you probably already know there are many of them to choose from. Choosing the best one for your needs is not easy at all. I hope this COOAU action camera review will help you determine if this is the best action for you. Important : the review is of the CU-SPC06 model !

Video Quality

The COOAU CU-SPC06 records videos at 4K. The video quality is excellent — for the price, and overall as well. The COOAU action camera lens has 7 layers of optical lens. When recording at 4K — you get 30FPS (frames per second). That means the videos will be smooth and not “laggy looking”. There are some other action cameras that can record at 60FPS (at 4K) — but they cost much more. I personally recommend changing the settings on your COOAU action camera to 1080P. Then, the video quality will be even better (and you get 60FPS in this case!).

COOAU Action Camera
COOAU Action Camera
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A great thing about the COOAU action camera is the built-in EIS stabilization program. It really improves the video quality and makes it look less shaky. This is very important if you do extreme sports, or even just recording videos while running.

Wi-Fi Connection

The COOAU 4K action camera has a built-in Wi-Fi connection. That means you can connect the camera to your smartphone (or tablet) easily. The app that works with the COOAU action camera is called LIVE DV, and there is a version for both Android and iPhone. The app is very easy to use and offers many features for remote controlling the camera. Sure, it’s not as good as GoPro’s app for example, but still – it’s a good app, and it works well. 


Another good thing about the COOAU 4K action camera is it comes with an external microphone. It’s great for noisy places, and it also improves the sound quality overall. It’s amazing that an action camera in this price range supports external microphones, and even comes with one !

COOAU action camera review

Other Features

This action camera offers many useful features and functions. Some of them are – time-lapse recording, slow motion, self-timer, screen saver and more. It’s amazing that an action camera in this price range offers so many features. In the past, an action camera with such video quality and features – costed much more money. But nowadays, the market is full of amazing, affordable action cameras made by small companies.

To sum up, this sports camera is just amazing ! It is sold for an affordable price and offers good value for your money. The video quality is excellent (especially when choosing to record at 1080P), it has many features, and the device itself works really well. Definitely worth buying !

I hope you will find this COOAU action camera review useful. If you have any questions about this camera, feel free to comment below.

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