BuzzTV XRS4500 Max Review


Very fast device, works really well.

Android operating system runs smoothly.

128GB internal memory – a big advantage.

4GB of DDR4 RAM memory.

Relible device.


In my opinion, other devices offer better value for your money. And are more powerful. For example – this Android TV box (Amazon link).

Android 9.0, not the most recent operating system.

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If you searched for an Android TV box online, then you must already know there are so many of them to choose from. Some of them are super cheap. Many wonder if those cheap Android TV boxes are even worth buying. In most cases – they are. But if you are looking for a more powerful device – you will have to pay more money. A fairly powerful device that gained popularity is the BuzzTV XRS4500 Max Android TV box. Today I will review it and tell you about the pros and cons of this device. Let’s start :

The Device

BuzzTV XRS4500 Max is powered by AMlogic S905X3, which is a fairly powerful cheap. It also has 4GB of DDAR4 RAM memory, making this device very fast. There are no lags. Combined with the excellent WIFI module, it makes this device great for playing video. The device also has 128GB of internal memoey – and that’s a big advantage. Many Android TV boxes in the market only come with 32GB or 64 GB of memory, which is not enough for most people. 128GB is plenty, and you will be able to store many video and music files on the device.

BuzzTV XRS4500 Max Android TV BOX

Are there devices with a more powerful CPU and GPU? sure. For example – this Android TV box (Amazon link). The price difference is not huge. But you really do need to ask yourself if you even need a more powerful device. For most people – an Android TV box like BuzzTV XRS4500 Max is more than enough. It can run almost any Android app you can think of.

Operating System

BuzzTV XRS4500 Max runs the Android operating system. I don’t think I need to tell you much about it, because nowdays its super popular, and you most likely have/had an Android smartphone before. Android has tens of thousands of useful apps you can install, many of which are offered for completely free.

BuzzTV XRS4500 Runs Android 9. It’s surely not the most recent Android operating system version, but it’s good enough. It’s fast and supports most recent Android apps. I do want to mention that there are other devices that run later versions of Android – for example, Android 10. So if the operating system is something important for you, take that into consideration.

BuzzTV XRS4500 Max
BuzzTV XRS4500
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If you are looking for a powerful and reliable Android TV box, without any doubt – the BuzzTV XRS4500 Max is a good choice. I do recommend checking out other devices as well and making sure BuzzTV XRS4500 Max fits your needs the best. But again, it’s a great device that works really well and offers good value for your money. It is indded more powerful and relible that cheap alteratives.

I hope you found this BuzzTV XRS4500 Max review helpful. If you have any questions about this device – comment below. Also, make sure to check out other TV box reviews on our website.

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