Brinno TLC200 Pro Review


Great battery time.

Durable device.

Video quality is good (but is 720P only)

Easy to use.



Does not record in 1080P.

  In my opinion, this time lapse camera (Amazon link) is better – the video quality is excellent (1080P) and battery life is improved as well.

Better Alternative

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In the past, good time lapse cameras costed a lot of money. They were big, and the video quality they offered was not very impressive – unless the device was super expensive and professional. But now, it’s completely different. There are many companies that offer great time-lapse cameras for affordable prices. One of these cameras is made by a company named Brinno. This is my Brinno TLC200 Pro review –

Video Quality

First of all, it’s important to mention that the model I am reviewing, the Brinno TLC200 Pro – records in 720P and not 1080P. Does that mean that the video quality is bad? No. But it does mean that the resolution is lower, than the standard “Full HD” we are all used to. For most people – it won’t be a problem at all, but for some people (especially those who use it to document construction sites) – it may be too low of a resolution to use.  Brinno offers few models, some of them indeed offer 1080P resolution (as well as improved battery time).

Brinno TLC200 Pro review
Brinno TLC200 Pro
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The company claims the battery of Brinno TLC200 Pro can last up to 42 days (using a 5-min shooting interval) – and that’s pretty amazing. The device is engineered very well – so the battery consumption is indeed low. You can improve the battery time even further by selecting which hours the device starts and stops recording. 

Build Quality

The build quality of Brinno TLC200 Pro is excellent. It’s a very durable device that will serve you well. It definitely looks and feels like a high quality time lapse camera.

Brinno TLC200 Pro

To sum up, without a doubt – Brinno TLC200 Pro is a great time-lapse camera. It has many features, offers good video quality, and the price is very attractive. In my opinion, this time-lapse camera is definitely worth buying and trying out. Make sure to also check out the other time-lapse cameras I mentioned on this page – some of them offer even better video quality. 

I hope you found this Brinno TLC200 Pro review helpful. If you have questions about this time lapse camera – comment below.

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