ANNKE C500 Review


Good video quality.

Surprisingly good night vision.

  Supports up to 256GB memory cards.

Weatherproof casing.


In my opinion, this IP camera (Amazon link) provides a little bit better video quality.

5MP sensor.

Better Alternative

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There are many types of IP cameras online. Some of them offer special features. The video quality each camera offers is different, but in the last few years, a big progress was made. Nowadays, you can buy a security IP camera with good video quality – for very low prices. Today I will review and tell you about the ANNKE C500 IP camera and if it’s really worth buying or not.

Video Quality

ANNKE C500 uses a 5MP sensor, which provides very good video quality. They claim this sensor uses “OmniVision and EXIR 2.0” technology. The video visibility and sharpness at low-light are good as well. Night vision is surprisingly good. Many small companies nowadays claim their IP cameras are 10 or even 20MP, when in fact – they really aren’t. In this case, ANNKE tells the facts as they are – 5MP sensor, and it works really well, providing great video quality. The built-in microphone quality is very good as well.

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Setup and Memory

If you’ve never installed an IP camera before, then you probably wonder how hard and complicated it is. Well, the ANNKE C500 5MP IP camera is easy to set up. It is a POE (Power over Ethernet) camera, so you don’t have to connect any coaxial cables.

The camera supports TF memory cards of up to 256GB, allowing you to save videos locally. Many other security cameras only support memory cards of only up to 32/64GB, which is not enough of course.

Weatherproof Casing

The IP67 weatherproof casing protects the camera against extreme cold and hot weather. It’s a well-made and built security camera that will work great for many years. This IP camera also looks high quality and not cheap. Overall, it’s a very durable camera.

The shape of the camera is bullet-like. There are also “dome” IP cameras. You have to choose the type of IP camera that fits your needs the best.

To sum up, if you are looking for an affordable IP camera that provides great video quality and works really well – definitely choose the ANNKE C500 5MP IP camera. It provides great value for your money. Keep in mind that the company also offers other security cameras, as well as security camera systems. Some of them are popular and widely used. Overall, I think that the products of this company are great.

I hope you found this ANNKE C500 review helpful. If you have any questions about this security camera, feel free to comment below. We will gladly answer any questions. Also, check out other IP camera reviews on our website.

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