AIPLUGER Dash Cam Review


3 cameras, the video quality is good.

Built-in GPS.

Compact and nice design.

Good video qualtiy at night.

Wide angle lens.


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The second and third cameras are 720P and not 1080P.

Better Alternative

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Finding a good dash cam is not always an easy task. There are hundreds of different models to choose from online. Some of them are super expensive (offer amazing video quality), while others are very affordable. Today I will review a very nice dash cam that offers good value for your money. This is my AIPLUGER dash cam review. Here we go :

Video Quality

The AIPLUGER dash cam has 3 different channels (cameras). One captures the front of the car, the second one records inside the car, and the third camera is installed in the rear. These cameras are recording and working simultaneously. The first camera (for the front of the car) records at 1080P, and the other ones at 720P. The video quality is great – clear and sharp. This dash cam is perfect for taxi drivers, as well as Uber and Lyft. It’s also great for regular private drivers who want to be protected. The video quality at night is very good as well. 

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The AIPLUGER dashboard camera offers many useful features – for example, parking mode, G sensor, motion detection and of course loop recording. When the G sensor senses an impact – it auto saves the footage and will prevent it from being over-written and deleted later on. The device and all the different features work really well !


The built-in GPS module allows the dash cam to pinpoint the location and embed it in the video. Even other information like speed and routes is available. In order to view the GPS information on the computer, you have to contact the company and get the software from them. I think it’s amazing that a dash cam in this price category, not only comes with 3 cameras – but also has built-in GPS (that works well!).

3 Channel 1080P FHD Dash Cam

Memory Card Support

Another great thing about the AIPLUGER dash cam is that it supports memory cards up to 128GB! Most of affordable dashboard cameras only support 32GB, and sometimes 64GB memory cards. Since this device supports 3 cameras, in my opinion – it’s definitely better to indeed use it with a 128GB memory card.  Fortunately, these memory cards are pretty cheap now. Many comapnies, like Sandisk offer them for affordable prices. I recommend buying a high speed card (at least class 10).

To sum up, I think the AIPLUGER dash cam offers amazing value for your money. It has 3 cameras, offers excellent video quality and even supports 128GB memory cards. Without a doubt, it’s a great device worth checking out and buying. It’s amazing that it is offered for such a price.

I hope you find this AIPLUGER dash cam review helpful. If you have questions about the device (or any other dash cam) – feel free to comment below.

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