Accfly Dash Cam Review


Very good video quality.

Supports memory cards up to 64GB.

Great compact design.

Built-in G sensor.

Wide angle lens.


Other devices like this dash cam (Amazon link) offer a slightly better video quality, and even have built-in GPS and WIFI!

No built in GPS.

Better Alternative

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Many drivers nowadays choose to install a dash cam in their car. It gives them protection – in the case of an accident, they have everything documented and filmed. Some dashboard cameras are very expensive, while others are sold for very affordable prices. Today I will review a very nice dash cam and tell you about its pros and cons. Here is my Accfly dash cam review :

Video Quality

The Accfly dual dashcam records at 1080P. The cameras (front and inside) quality is excellent – even at night. The videos are clear and sharp, and plate numebers are seen easily. Of course the quality can’t be compared to what a dash cam that costs 3 times as much offers, but for the price – it’s excellent. Many drivers (especially taxi drivers, but definitely not only them) prefer a dual dash cam that records both outside and inside.

Accfly Dash Cam
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The Accfly camera also has 4 powerful IR LEDs, which improve video quality at night. I can’t say they are very effective, but they still help. Video quality at night is very good overall. Dash cams that record amazingly at night, cost few times more – so that’s something to take into consideration.


The Accfly dash cam offers many important features – including a built-in G sensor (detecting when an accident occurs), and auto-save. When the camera senses a powerful impact, it saves the footage and prevents it from being over-written and deleted. This is a very important feature. Dash cams are recroding in loops – meaning old footage is deleted consistently. This is why it’s important to have a G sensor and an auto-save feature.


The screen size is 1.5″. That’s more than enough in my opinion. Some dash cams feature much larger screens, but that makes the device bigger and may block more view. The screen quality is good.

Memory Card

The Accfly dash cam doesn’t come with a memory card. It supports memory cards of up to 64GB. Don’t try to use a 128GB or larger memory card, since it will cause bugs and problems. It’s excellent that the camera supports cards of up to 64GB, many devices in this price range only support cards up to 32GB. I recommend buying a memory card from a well known company like Sandisk, and at least class 10. These memory cards are nowadays cheap and very affordable.

Accfly Dash Cam Review

To sum up, the Accfly dashcam is a great device that offers excellent value for your money. The video quality it offers is very good, and there are many important features included. The set up proccess of this camera is easy, and it supports memory cards of up to 64GB – a big advantage. In my opinion, this dash cam is definitely worth buying.

I hope you found this Accfly dash cam review helpful. If you have questions about this dash cam, please feel free to comment below. Also, make sure to check out our website for new reviews – coming in the next few weeks.

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