Victure AC700 4K Action Camera Review

Video quality is great, esepcially at 1080P.

 Better Option: Campark V30 (Amazon link) offers a little bit better video quality in my opinion.

Comes with two batteries – double your recording time.

High quality and reliable waterproof case.

Stable WIFI connection without lags.

Electronic image stabilization for smoother videos.

Build quality is good but the device doesn’t have a premium feel to it.

Audio quality is not impressive.

 Alternative: VanTop Moment 3 (Amazon link) offers better audio quality in my opinion.

  The camera is waterproof only with a special case installed.

Video quality in low light setting (for example – at night) is not impressive.

The camera is not waterproof unless the special waterproof case is used (included).


Choosing the best action camera for your needs is not an easy task. There are hundreds of cameras to choose from, some are expensive, and some are very cheap. In most cases, the more expensive the device is – the better video quality it provides. But it’s not always true. Today I will review and talk about a very popular device – the Victure AC700 4K action camera. It is used by many and receives good reviews online. But what are the real cons of this device?

Victure AC700 4K Video Quality

Many affordable action cameras nowadays claim to record in 4K. But honestly, I think that it is much better to use them in 1080P mode. The Victure AC700 sports camera can record in 4K, but if you choose the Full HD option instead (1080P) – you will get better video quality and higher fps (frames per second rate). The company claims this is a 20MP device – but I learned that high MP doesn’t mean anything – it’s just a number. If the video sensor is not good – even 50MP won’t help. Fortunately, the Victure AC700 4K does deliver what it claims. The video quality is actually great. I do think that the Campark V30 (Amazon link) model offers a little bit better video quality – both at 4K and 1080P.

Victure AC700 4K comes with a waterproof case. Installing it is easy – takes second. It will allow you to record videos while snowboarding, swimming and other such actives. Without the case – the camera is not waterproof, so it’s very important that you remember to use the waterproof case when it is needed. There are cameras out there that are waterproof without any case – but they are much (much) more expensive. For most people – a device like Victure AC700 paired with a case – is more than enough.

Victure AC700 WIFI

This sports camera has built-in WIFI. To connect your smartphone to it – you first need to download the OKCAM app (a version for iPhone or Android) or LIVE DV app. The app itself is pretty easy to use. It can be downloaded for free of course. Now in my opinion, Gopro’s app is much better. But is there justification to pay so much more money – just to have a better app? surely not in my opinion. The WIFI connection is stable and everything works without lags. I do want to mention that while most people think that all action cameras have WIFI – the cheap ones don’t always come with it.


The Victure AC700 action camera comes with 2 1050mAH batteries. Charging time for both may take some hours, but overall – each should provide 40-90 minutes of video recording time. It depends of few factors, one of them is the video quality.

Overall, I think the Victure AC700 action camera is a great product for those looking to buy a reliable sports camera with good video quality, built in WIFI and long lasting batteries. On our website you can also find many other reviews of great affordable action cameras. Make sure to check out our Dragon Touch 4K review.

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