KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera Review

Excellent video quality – uses the AR0330 sensor, paired with high quality, multi layer lens.

Better Option: Vantrue S1 (Amazon link), a popular dashcam which offers better video quality. Highly recommended.

Fairly big screen – 2.7″, clear and bright.

Built-in GPS.

Very popular – many positive reviews online.

Nice looking design.

Only supports 1080P – no 4K or even 2K resolution option.

Many will find the price to be not affordable.

No WI-FI connection – you can’t connect your smartphone.

 Alternative: This Garmin dashcam (Amazon link) offers great video quality while being compact – and it has built-in WIFI !

8GB memory card included, not enough (you can buy a bigger one separately)

Not as small and compact as newer models that came out recently.

In the last few years, dashboard cameras gained a lot of popularity. Many people now understand that in case of an accident – the best first line of defense  is a dashcam video. Online you can find hundreds of different dashboard cameras. Some of them cost hundreds of dollars, while many are affordable and fairly cheap. Today I will talk about and review a very popular dashboard camera model that tens of thousands of people use – KDLINKS X1.

KDLINKS X1 Video Quality

Many dash cams claim to record 4K, but the truth is – most of them record at 1080P and then a built-in software resizes it to 4K. This is not a good practice. The KDLINKS X1 doesn’t claim to do what she can’t. The company states it records at 1080P – and so it does, the video quality is actually excellent. It also uses wide-angle lens, which are very important. The lenses are made from 6 layers. Combined with the excellent video sensor – the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera records at great quality at night as well. The company states that this camera uses the AR0330 sensor – which is reliable and used by other companies as well – in high end dashboars cameras, some even more expensive than this one.Another camera I recommend checking out is  Vantrue S1 (Amazon link), it offers better video quality. Highly recommended.

In the past,  I came across quite some dashcams that at low light setting (night or even evening) – captured blurry videos. Ideally, you want your camera to capture car’s numbers clearly and without blur – even at night. The KDLINKS X1 has no problems in this regard – the video quality is excellent.


A big advantage of the KDLINKS X1 GPS-Enabled Full HD is the built-in GPS module. It record GPS data into the dash cam video clips. While some reviewers claim that this feature is not crucial for most people, I personally think it’s an important feature. GPS modules nowadays are fairly cheap, and this is why so many companies choose to incorporate them into their products. You can important the GPS logged data to Google Maps and keep track of the rote and speed. It’s pretty easy to do.

KDLINKS X1 Safety Use

This dashboard camera has 2 important emergency features : Emergency Lock and Accident Auto Detection. To use the first feature – all you have to do is press the emergency button. Then, the camera will save the last video footage and lock it – preventing it to be lost or overwritten by newer footage. The second feature works in case of an accident – it will detect it automatically (G force sensor) and trigger the footage lock (you can also call it – footage save) option, saving the accident video.

Customer Service

KDLINKS’s products gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. The company grew,  and their customer service is helpful. You can email them at care@kdlinks.com.

Overall, I think the KDLINKS X1 GPS-Enabled Full HD dashcam is an excellent option for those who are looking for a reliable dashcam with great video quality. I am sure that in the future we will see more top notch products released by the company.

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