Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Review

Allows to change resolution from 4K 24fps to 1080P 60fps for even smoother videos.

 Better Option: AKASO V50 Pro (Amazon link) offers better video quality at 4K and 1080P.

Comes with two 1050mah batteries – twice as much recording time.

Comes with a waterproof case.

Built-in WIFI connection

4X Zoom.

Build quality is good but the device doesn’t have a premium feel to it.

Audio quality is not impressive.

 Alternative: VanTop Moment 3 (Amazon link) offers better audio quality in my opinion.

  The camera is waterproof only with a special case installed.

Video quality in low light setting (for example – at night) is not impressive.

The WIFI app is decent but not as good as GoPro’s app.


The Dragon Touch 4K action camera is very popular. Tens of thousands of people purchased this model. The most known action camera brand out there is GoPro of course. But for many – their cameras are too expensive. And the truth is – many people don’t really need the quality or features GoPro action cameras offer. That’s why in the last few years, there are so many small companies coming out with affordable action cameras. One of these companies is Dragon Touch.

Dragon Touch 4K Video Quality

The Dragon Touch action camera records at 4K resolution. The frames per second rate is 30 which is decent (other cameras in this price range mostly offer 24fps). But you can always change the resolution to 1080P and get 60 fps (frames per second). In my opinion – it’s much better to choose the 1080P instead of 4K (this is easily done in the menu). This way – the videos look smoother, and overall better. The video quality of the Dragon Touch action camera is very good. Can I compare it to the video quality a GoPro device offers? of course not. But for most people – the video quality this camera offers is more than enough.

Another great action camera that I recommend checking out is VanTop Moment 3 (Amazon link). It also records in 4K, and in my opinion – the video quality it offers is a little better. It’s pretty popular as well and receives great ratings and reviews online.

Dragon Touch WI-FI

This action camera has built-in WIFI, which is a big advantage considering its price. Te WIFI will allow you to connect your smartphone to it. The whole pairing process shouldn’t take more than few minutes. The WIFI connection is stable and the range is decent. Download the XDV app (Android or iOS) and connect the camera.  On YouTube you can find videos showing how to do it, but the process is very easy – you don’t really need any instructions.


The device comes with 2 1050mAh batteries. Each battery will last 60-90 minutes , depending on the video quality and other factors. It’s pretty amazing that an action camera this cheap comes with 2 batteries instead of just one. This saves you money and doubles your video recording time.

Waterproof Case

In order to make the Dragon Touch 4K action camera waterproof – you need to install and use the included waterproof case. With it – it is waterproof up to 100 feet (30 meters). This means you can use it while swimming, at the pool, surfing, snowboarding and other cool activities. There are cameras out there that are waterproof even without a case – but they cost few times more. Installing the waterproof case takes seconds – very easy.

To Sum Up

The Dragon Touch sprots camera is an affordable alternative for those looking for an action camera with excellent video quality – for a very decent price. It records in 4K, has built in WIFI and comes with 2 batteries. You will not regret buying this device.

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