APEMAN Mini Dash Cam C420 Review

Compact and small design.

Reliable company and many positive reviews online.

Easy set up, shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes – very easy !

Very good video quality and resolution (Full HD)

Better Option: Vantrue S1 (Amazon link), a popular dashcam which offers better video quality. Highly recommended.

Has built-in G sensor for auto accident detection.

No built-in WIFI.

 Alternative: This upgraded APEMAN model (Amazon link) has WIFI and offers better video quality as well.

Some people would prefer a bigger screen.

No 4K recording.

While video quality is good, it can’t be compared to more expensive, premium dash cams.

Build quality and materials don’t feel premium.

If you searched for a dash cam online, you probably already know – there are hundreds of models to choose form. Some companies sell dashboard cameras for hundreds of dollars, while others offer affordable models that cost much less. One of these is APEMAN’s mini dash cam. It gained populairty in the last few month, and it seems like most users really like it. Today I will review this device and tell you its pros and cons.

APEMAN Video Quality

The APEMAN C420 mini dash cam records Full HD – 1080P resolution. The video quality is good – day and night. Can I say that it provides the same video quality as a dashcam that costs twice or three times as much? surly not. But for most people – the APEMAN mini dash cam (model C420) is more than enough.  At night, the video quality is decent as well – which is very important.  If you want a dashboard camera with even better video quality at night – check out this Garmin Dash Cam (Amazon link) model.

5 years ago, if you wanted a dash cam like this one, you had to pay at least twice as much. But in the last few years – small Chinese companies came out with great affordable models and changed the market.

APEMAN Dash Cam Design

The C420 dash camera is pretty small, and it’s a huge advantage – I personally don’t like big dashcams with a huge screen, blocking my view. But don’t get me wrong – the screen here is not small, especially when considering the compact design. In fact, the C420 model has a 2.0 TFT screen. It’s bright and clear. Yes, you can surely find devices with a bigger screen – but that means a bigger and bulkier device.

Lack of WIFI

Many dash cams now come with built-in WIFI. That allows you to connect your smartphone to the camera in seconds, and download videos. Some companies even provide you with an app to edit the videos (for example – cropping them). The APEMAN Mini Dash Cam C420 doesn’t have built-in WIFI. In fact, most of APEMAN’s models come without built in WIFI. Their most expensive model does have it, but it’s not nearly as affordable. Overall, I think the WIFI option is important, but many people will argue that it’s not useful for most. I can tell you from experience that even though I have a dashcam with WIFI in my car, I rarely actually use my smartphone to connect to it.


Overall, I think the APEMAN dash cam is a great option for those looking to buy an affordable dash cam, that provides good video quality and is reliable. Sure there are many other models from other companies in this price range, but video quality wise – they are all very similar.

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