AKASO V50X Action Camera Review

Supports 4K, 2.7K and 2K resolutions. Video quality is excellent.

Better Option: Campark V30 (Amazon link), another popular model – records native 4K, with great quality video sensor.

The screen is decent size – 2″, and it’s a touch-screen.

Comes with a great accessory kit which is quite useful for sports.

2 batteries are included.

Waterproof case included – you can record videos at the pool and while swimming.

In order to use the camera in water – you have to install the included waterproof case.

Video quality at 4K is not as good as when choosing the 1080P option instead.

The smartphone app is not as good as you might expect, but still very usable.

Image stabilization works is not as good as in expensive cameras.

 Alternative: AKASO V50 Pro (Amazon link) offers better image stabilization.

Build quality is good but I doubt it will survive a good fall.

Online, you can find hundreds of different action cameras. Some of them are expensive – costing hundreds of dollars, while others are affordable. Of course that in most cases – you can’t compare the quality of the top cameras (like GoPro or Sony’s sports cameras) with the affordable alternatives. But remember that most people don’t really need that sueprb quality to start with. For most – the quality affordable, Chinese action cameras provide – is more than enough. Today I will review and talk about the popular AKASO V50X action camera.

AKASO V50X Video Quality

The AKASO V50X native action camera records videos at 4K resolution. This means that if needed, the videos can be cropped and zoomed, without losing much quality. The frames per second rate at 4K is 30fps, which is quite good. You can switch the resolution to 2K and get 60fps (frames per second) which in my opinion – is the optimal option and setting.  I know that some people don’t like 60fps – but in my opinion, it is far better than 30fps. One thing can be said for sure – you won’t be disappointed with the video recording quality of AKASO V50X. Another action camera I recommend checking out is  Campark V30 (Amazon link). It offers a better image stabilization.

AKASO V50X Battery

The AKASO action camera comes with two 1350mAh batteries – and you can get a total of 2-3 hours from them.  The time depends on the video recording quality and other factors. The fact that this camera comes with a spare battery (total of two) is a big advantage. In addition to the spare battery, AKASO V50X comes with an accessory kits – worth quite a bit by itself. Cameras like GoPro for example – come without this many accessories. Buying them separately will cost you a lot of money.


AKASO V50X features a 2 inch touch screen (IPS display). While you may find action cameras with bigger screen – remember that this comes at a cost -worse battery life. The screen works very well – no problems with the touch (and this is quite important because sometimes – the touch screen of cheap devices is not very good. But not in this case).


Another important feature of this action camera is the built-in WIFI connection. This means you will be able to easily connect your smartphone or tablet to it. All you have to do is download the AKASO Go app. The app itself works fine, I wouldn’t say it’s as advance or as easy to use as GoPro’s app, but it’s not horrible either. It’s easy and fast to connect the action camera to your smartphone, and the connection is stable. The controlling distance is good as well.

You can also use the wireless wrist controller instead of the app – I actually prefer this option. No all cameras in this price range come with a controller included – so it’s a big advantage.

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